Portal Portraits 


Hello again 


This is an agreement for us to come round and photograph you and your family, on your doorstep, during this Covid-19 pandemic. 


This project is to commemorate this very strange and unusual time, that we are all experiencing together.


I will be brining my partner, Simon, with me as we work together.


If we are unable to see you, or you us, then it will be rolled forward - but we will inform you.


We will let you know what time we will be with you, dependent on the route plan – you just pick a day and let me know by return of email.




There will be a number of photographs taken and you will be free to choose one of them for you and your family. If you want any more then there will be a charge of £5 each, this reduced price is by way of supporting our local cat charity. 10% of any sales will be going to the charity, as there are many animals in need at this time too.


It will take approx 10 - 14 days for your photos to be processed and put up onto the website. Prints of you and your loved one’s photos, will also be available upon request. 


Please confirm via the button bellow, that you agree for this to go ahead. If we do not hear from you, then we will not include you in the project.  By agreeing to do this you give us permission to use your photo in an exhibition (which we hope to put on at some point). There may also be a press release where one of your photos might be used in the local paper and/or on social media.


We will be following government guidelines around Social distancing, both for our and your protection. 


Kindest regards


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