Sleeping with your Dog (dedicated to the dogs of Stourbridge)

Well I had my first experience of sleeping with my Mother's dog, the one and only Charlie, on my bed.

Any of you ever allowed your dog to sleep on the bed?

What an experience.

Charlie is the cutest thing ever, as you can see from the photo of him.

He is friendly and warm and cuddly and licky and generous with his affections - until it comes to space on the bed.

He's a heavy creature. Ok, not that heavy but when you're lying flat and trying to move this lovely lump in order to gain some space - forget it - I found myself on the receiving end of a baleful stare that told me, in no uncertain terms, to BE STILL.....

I found myself sleeping under a sliver of duvet on a quarter of the mattress. I slept ramrod straight....well, the very fact that I'm telling you all this shows that I didn't sleep at all. The most ridiculous thing of all, is that I didn't move the little blighter. Why didn't I move him, I keep asking myself? I

could not bear to wake his cute self up.

Dawn broke, he yawned and nonchalantly moved up towards my head, gave me a couple of kisses, as if nothing had happened, stretched and jumped off my bed!


Oh well....his cuteness and friendliness remain, but will I sleep with him on my bed again?......I'm thinking that he can keep my Mother warm instead and I will continue to love him with cuddles on the sofa until it's bed time ;)

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